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Crispy Buffalo Chicken Thin Crust Pizza

Traditional Square Pizza

Classic red pizza sauce and cheese

Veggie Square Pizza

White pizza with onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and fresh tomatoes


Cheese, chicken, steak, veggie, or shrimp, with salsa and sour cream

Chicken Wings

With carrots, celery and bleu cheese

White Pizza

Fresh Tomato Slices.

Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna

Ahi tuna, orange ginger sauce, sesame rice and a seasonal vegetable blend. Served with a salad

Nacho Platter

Petite portion available. With lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, chili, cheddar, black olives, salsa and sour cream

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Available as ranch, BBQ, honey mustard or Buffalo (mild sauce, Bleu cheese, mixed cheeses and celery)

Chicken Margherita Thin Crust Pizza

Veggie Thin Crust Pizza

Grilled Chicken Thin Crust Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Square Pizza

Boneless chicken, Bleu cheese and mild sauce

Super Thin Crust Pizza

White pizza with fresh sliced tomatoes, garlic and a mozzarella blend

Philly Cheesesteak Thin Crust Pizza

Delicious Pizza Options at Our Sports Bar

Delicious Pizza Options at Our Sports Bar
Craving pizza? Our sports-bar serves delicious pizza. Try our classic pepperoni or loaded supreme. Our bar-&-grill offers mouthwatering pizza options. From traditional margherita to BBQ chicken, we have it all. Enjoy a taste of America with our authentic pizza. Join us for a slice today!

Convenient Pizza Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Pizza Delivery and Pickup Options
Looking for convenient pizza delivery and pickup options? Look no further! Our sports-bar and grill offers quick and easy pizza delivery and pickup. Choose from classic pepperoni, supreme, or build your own. Enjoy your favorite pizza from the comfort of your home.

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